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Mind Over Fatter System Review

It can be frustrating sometimes when there is very little factual information available about popular weight loss products. That seems to be the case when seeking information about the Mind Over Fatter (a.k.a. Mind over Fat) system.

However, finding out the truth about this particular weight loss program is not entirely impossible. Some facts about it are presented on the product capture page, and you can use that info as well as the descriptive info presented below.

About the System

The Mind over Fatter system is designed to help a person overcome weight loss issues by preparing the mind. The main philosophy of this program is that “weight loss begins from the neck up.”

What that means is that the ability to lose weight starts with changing your thinking. This often is done in a variety of ways, such as with using nature sounds during meditation sessions.

The main objective is to help clear the mind of all negativity. This is necessary when it comes to losing weight because you need to be able to change your thinking and approach in this regard.


This program deals with one very important aspect of shedding unwanted pounds. That is, it addresses any ways of thinking that would cause a person to believe this is an impossible feat.

The Mind Over Fatter program helps bring people to a place in their conscience where they believe it is possible. They believe that their goals can be achieved.

Part of this believing in oneself is attained through various types of visualization and/or hypnosis exercises. One of the objectives of this program is to imagine your self enjoying exercise come time to performing your regular workout routines.

When used correctly, this program probably could help encourage a person to not only exercise properly but also to eat right. It is a very versatile positive-thinking mind preparation tool that can help the right person.


A person could possibly get too caught up in the “thinking” aspect of this program versus the “doing” aspect of it. They may forget that some action other than meditation is needed to bring them to their weight loss goals.

This is not entirely a fault of the user of the Mind over Fatter materials. The advertisements for it can be a bit misleading, so watch out.

Yes, the ads do mention that this program is designed to help a person visualize even enjoying the process of weigh loss (i.e. visualize enjoyment of exercise as already mentioned above). However, a person can forget in the process of all of this that other actions such as following a regular exercise or diet program is necessary.


You should read all the materials you find about the Mind over Fatter system before you make a decision on it.

You should probably also consult an expert such as a doctor or other specialist concerning the use of this program. You might even want to get help from a professional counselor who can guide you though this training.

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