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Review and History of QuickTrim



The Quick Trim has only been out for a few months as of 2009. The Kardashian sisters are paid marketers for it, and seem to stand by it.

This being said, because of the name that is behind it one would wonder if it works or not. One of the reasons why that there have not been any major weight loss stories associated with the Kardashian sisters.

Therefore, the question still begs: Does Quicktrim really work? You can read on to find out more. The answer to this question can be revealed through advantages and disadvantages of using this product.


QuickTrim is likely to be available for long periods of time almost anywhere, whether through physical locations or the internet. This is made possible by the fact that it is marketed by a very popular company-GNC.

GNC is a very well-known drugstore chain that sells many popular ingredients for weight loss. It also sells natural fruits and countless herbal products. This is probably the main selling point of this product-the fact that a reputable company sells it.

Some say another advantage of QuickTrim is that it is promoted by a recognizable celebrity. This is not always a guarantee that it works but often people are more likely to have more faith in a product that is offered by a famous person than one just represented by an average person.

Comments made by consumers such as “never looked or felt better” and “there has been few side effects” is a good sign, too. At least this is shows evidence that it works.


Not everyone is pleased with the ingredients specifically that are in QuickTrim-maybe other GNC supplements but not this one. One concern is that supposedly there is not much evidence actually backing up the effectiveness/safety of this product.

Furthermore, it is said that most of the ingredients in QuickTrim are fillers, diuretics, and other questionable ingredients. Another problem is that according to negative reviews this supplement is not considered a long term solution for weight loss, and it may cause side effects.

For instance, certain products in this make some people little nauseous and I am having trouble sleeping. (Though some people say the side effects are worth it.)

QuickTrim may not be capable of helping people keep the weight off long term. To make matters worse, some statements made on the quicktrim website have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

Furthermore, using multi-product Quick Trim kits can get expensive quickly. The supplements sometimes also seem to contain heavy doses of caffeine.


Quicktrim products and weight loss supplements may suit some people but not others. The ones who seemed to be most successful at using it are those who had following a diet and exercise regimen along with it.

If you are a person who has tried QuickTrim and you feel a bit dizzy or nauseous just discontinue use right away. If you have purchased it with a money-back guarantee make sure you take advantage of that guarantee if it is not producing the results you want.

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