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Review: Zap Fat Subliminal System

Everyone is looking for an effective way to control appetite urges. Sometimes people try countless programs to no avail. Then, they stumble upon a solution such as the Zap Fat Subliminal System.

So is this really the answer? One way to find out is in determining how well it really does work. This is a tough question to answer as this is a fairly new way to try to lose weight.

However, the answers are out there. It may take some work to find them, but for now here is our brief evaluation based on what we know about this system.

How well does it really work?

This of course is always the top question asked about any exercise program. In this case, the Zap Fat Subliminal System is one based on various mind training techniques.

It is hard to find consumer feedback about it because this is a fairly new product and program being marketed. However, some people who understand the concepts of using the power of positive thinking can benefit from it.

Probably one of the best things about this program that works for most people would be the attempt to attack the weight loss problem at the root. It eliminates any and all negative thoughts associated with weight gain.

Further Description

A meditation tool known as “ambient hypnosis” is used to help train the mind. Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith is the professional who guides this session of Zap Fat.

It is a form of healing and meditation designed to help balance the mind and the body. It is done to help restore the balance of the mind as well as the body.

This is done to help make changing lifelong habits easier to change so that you can shed unwanted pounds. The end goal of course would also be to help increase lean muscle mass, and supposedly this can be done on its own.


You are provided with a variety of media to help you with all aspects of training your mind and body. This further helps address all the roots of your problems so that you can accomplish all your weight loss goals.

You are given relaxation techniques to help you restore your energy, as well as meditations to help you clear your mind. You are also given subliminal suggestions through speech and sound.


Although it is great that this program focuses primarily on the mind, the disadvantage is that it does not focus on the body so much. Meaning, no physical exercise routines are provided in this program.

Furthermore, there is also not much focus on healthy diets or meal planning. Therefore, in and of itself the effect could be somewhat limited.


You can use the Zap Fat Subliminal System to help change any ways of thinking that could lead to you not reaching your weight loss goals. However, you may also want to find the right fitness and diet program to integrate with the mind training you would receive via the Zap Fat System.

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